7 Secrets to Make a Man Love You

Couple relaxing with a magazine and smilingWhen a woman is looking for Mr. Right, she has a laundry list of requirements that their ideal guy must have. However, when trying to figure out what men really want in a woman, the mystery runs deep. Women generally want a guy with a sense of humor, good financial status, attractive look and build, and a love for children. What is it that a man wants? Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a man love you? These top seven qualities are very important to a man and if you can master these, you are sure to be walking down the aisle with Mr. Right before too long.


  1. Mystery is interesting – You don’t need to tell every single thing about yourself, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Mystery is what keeps a guy interested as he is longing to learn more each day. If you spill the beans upfront, what is there to look forward to?
  2. Stroke his ego – Being an “independent woman” has its perks but a man needs to feel like a man. If you want to make a man love you sometimes you’re going to have to stroke his ego. Even if you can do a task yourself, ask him to do it for you. This will make him feel needed.
  3. Chemistry in kissing – This one is quite simple, however, a man wants to be with a woman that he has more than a physical attraction to. There has to be chemistry. When you peck, make out, or French kiss it needs to be magnifying from beginning to end.
  4. Listening – A woman who can really listen to a man is certain to find her Mr. Right before long. The secret to make a man love you is to listen when he wants to confide in you. This is not the time for your opinion, just an ear to hear what he has to say.
  5. Confidence – There is nothing more attractive to a man than a confident woman. A woman who is happy in her own skin and not afraid to let the world know is such an attraction. Now remember there is a thin line between being vain and being confident, so be sure that you don’t cross that line.
  6. Sense of humor – If you ask any guy today what their top five qualities in their ideal woman would be and they will most certainly say a woman with a sense of humor. Not one who simply laughs for the heck of it but a woman who is able to crack a good joke and take one without getting offended.
  7. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Remember if you want to make a man love you, you have to avoid the drama as much as possible. You have to learn to pick and choose your battles and also learn not to overreact when instances do occur. Of course you don’t have to be emotionless, but reacting too quickly can really send a guy in the other direction.


As you can see, most guys are fairly simple in what they’re looking for in a woman. So if your goal is to Make a Man Desire You, start doing a reality check to see if you match up to these seven tips above. Maybe you’ve got some work to do, or you could be surprised to find that you’re perfect just the way you are.  One last thing, if you are looking for a comprehensive step by step guide on how to attract the right man or make your relationship better or make the man in your life love and adore you more, then download Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter. Click Here to download your copy.