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Make a man desire you

How to Know a Man Wants You – Does He Wants Me?

Does He Wants Me? Here is How to Know.

Are you into your best guy friend and want to know if he’s ready to take it to the next level? Maybe you’ve been out on a few dates with someone you really like, but you’re looking to find out if they like you too. There are lots of reasons to wonder if a man wants you, and decoding the signs can be tough if you don’t pay attention. If you don’t want to spend the next few years trying to figure out if you’ve found mister right or if you should move on, check to see if your guy is showing off these signs.

  • Clumsiness, Bashfulness, or Comedic Behavior

When you’re out with your guy do you find that he can’t seem to get anything right? He goes to take a sip of his drink and completely misses his mouth or spills the entire glass on himself? Maybe you’ve noticed that he is very shy lately and counteracts his shyness with a bit of humor. Though the humor may not be professional quality this is certainly a sign that he’s into you and waiting to see if you’re into him. These are all signs to let you know that a man wants you.

  • Teasing or “Little Boy” Behavior

Do you find that your guy is often picking on you for the smallest things? While to women this might seem like a sign to run in the other direction, for men this is very different. Remember back in grade school when the boy who had a crush on you would pull your ponytails to make it known? Well this is true even when men grow up. If he’s been busting jokes on you left and right you should know that he wants you.

  • Makes Eye Contact When Speaking to You

Ladies, this is a big sign that will let you know a man wants you. Since most women complain that they can’t get their dates to look any further up than their chest, if you find that your date is looking you in the eyes as you talk, he’s into you. If he were interested in only “one thing” his eyes would be glued to your “assets”, and if he had no real interest at all, he’d wander off with his eyes to another woman in the room. So eye to eye contact is a huge sign.

  • He Calls You All the Time

What man do you know that really just enjoys talking for hours on the phone unless it’s to his mother? Not many, which is why you can also take this as a sign that a man wants you. If he is always giving you a call without you having to lift a finger, he wants to keep your attention all to himself.

  • He Gets Jealous if You Talk to Other Guys

Ever been out with your date and saw someone you knew from college? Maybe to you this other guy is just a friend so you walk over to say hello. However, when you return you find that your date seems a bit standoffish or jealous. Jealousy is not something that men like to show but it is certain a sign that a man wants you.

These are all signs that you’re headed in the right direction to building a relationship. If you find a man wants you, don’t hold off on showing your interests back, you would hate to see him move on to someone else.

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how to know a man wants you

Top Five Things That a Man Desires in a Woman

Are you tired of falling for the wrong guys? Trying to figure out what a man desires in a woman? While different men will have a different opinion on this, there are some things that simply stand out for all men across the board. It is important as a woman to know what the man you’re interested in likes, and how you can take the relationship from a casual conversation to a full blown relationship. This article will speak a bit of the main five characteristics that a real man would desire from his ideal woman.

Five Things a Man Desires in a Woman


  1. Maturity: A real man is going to want a woman that is mature. By mature this means a woman that is not about playing mind games. He wants someone who knows what she wants out of life and takes the bull by the horns. No man wants to deal with a woman who is not on his level. Of course a bit of child’s play here and there can be found attractive, but for the most part a man desires someone who knows herself inside and out.
  2. Confidence: Another attractive feature that a man desires in a woman is confidence. There is just something about a woman who is very sure of herself that gets a man going. Now remember, there is a difference between being cocky and being confident. To be cocky would imply that you’re full of yourself. You walk around as if you are a goddess and everyone should bow down and take notice. This is a surefire way to get a man to run in the opposite direction. Instead, confidence simply means that you’re aware of your beauty, talent, and characteristics as a human being.
  3. Intelligence:  Ok ladies, this is a big one. You might believe that a man desires a ditty woman, but that is far from the truth. What men really want is a woman who is intelligent. Men are looking for someone who is their equal. So if you’ve been suppressing your intelligence, now is the time to let it out. You will find that he’s attracted to you a whole lot more.
  4. Not Into Material Things: If you’re quoting the words of the ever popular “Material Girl” Madonna, you’ll be in for a surprise when you find out that being materialistic is not something that a man desires. Now this does not mean that he won’t ever take you out and buy you things. It simply means that he is not into a woman that is only into things to define the status of a relationship. No man wants to have to win you over by constantly digging in their pockets.
  5. Spontaneity: Last on the list is spontaneity. A man desires a woman who can act in the spur of the moment. Maybe one day you go out for dinner and another date you take a road trip to a place you two have never been before. Your ideal guy will love the fact that you keep the relationship sparks alive.

So these are just five things that a man desires in a woman. With any luck you have these traits already and are just moments away from running into your mister right. Remember, you should never change who you are to find someone, if you take your time, the right person will love you for exactly who you are.

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Women men adore - What a man desires

how to make him desire you

Top Four Ways to Make a Man Desire You and Only You

So ladies, have you had your eye on that cute guy at the bar, in your office, or that just moved into your neighborhood? You stare from afar; however, on the inside you’re dying to figure out how to make a man desire you and only you. The great thing about this is that you’re a woman! Many might look at that statement and wonder what it means, but women certainly do have a lot of untapped powers that can easily amuse a man. If you know how to work your femininity, you are sure to have him begging for just a moment of your time. Here are some of the top ways women get their guy. For a video guide that will teach you what you need to do, kindly check our Make a Man Desire You Program


  1. Command Attention: Now by commanding attention, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should walk into the room and begin waling your arms around screaming for him to look at you. What this simply means is to “silently” command attention. When you think about it, you don’t see too many men that walk into a room and become shy or distant? Be the life of the party. When you walk in be sure to smile, make eye contact as you enter the room, and be social with those who are social with you. If you want to make a man desire you, this will certainly catch his attention.
  2. Make Eye Contact:  Locking eyes is another way to get that dream guy of yours. Whether you’re in the supermarket and see him on the freezer aisle or you’re at a nice nightclub and see him sitting at the bar, this tip will work wonders. You have to make yourself known if you ever want a chance with this guy. Little subtle eye contact can go a long way. If he’s into you, he will return the glares. Of course you don’t want to go overboard and stare as a stalker would, but just a few locking of the eyes could really make a man desire you.   
  3. Conduct Yourself as a Lady:  Another great way to make a man desire you is to be sure to conduct yourself as a lady. When you’re out with your girlfriends at a local club or bar, carry yourself accordingly. No guy is attracted to a woman that gets stupid drunk, falls all over the place, or simply acts too immature. While being spontaneous and fun are great qualities to make a man desire you, there is a thin line that cannot be crossed. 
  4. Approach Him:  This tip on how to make a man desire you is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes the shy and quite women miss out on an opportunity because they’re too scared to approach the guy. You don’t have to go over to him and ask him to marry you, simply spark casual conversation to see if he is interested. You don’t want to let him leave without saying anything to him because you might never get the chance again.

The only way to make a man desire you and only you is to step outside of your comfort zone and strut your stuff. Finding a common balance between commanding attention and being aggressive, making eye contact verses stalking, and having fun while still being a lady will be important. With any luck, you will be on your way to dating the guy you’ve been after for a long time.

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Women men adore - What a man desires