Three Things You Can Do When He’s Getting Emotionally Distant

couple-make-up-300x199If only men and women could understand each other completely, there would be no need to read up on how to better your relationship. One problem that comes about often for couples who have been together for a while is emotional distance. Women are more open communicators and problem solvers and don’t allow much to weigh heavy on their shoulders before addressing it. However, men, they are not so open and when they have a lot on their mind, they simply become emotionally distant. If you’ve been struggling to try and get through to your guy, these tips below might help.

Give Him Space: One of the biggest tips that you can follow is the idea of giving him space. When a man is emotionally distant, this means he is dealing with something and needs time to sort through his feelings. While you may just want to help out and talk with him, sometimes the best thing to do is allow him to have a bit of time to himself. You don’t have to move out of the house, but just try not to sit in his face or nag him too much while he’s going through it.

Show Him You Care: When your guy begins to become emotionally distant, instead of trying to force him to talk or nag at him about his demeanor, you might just find other ways to show him that you care. Cook him a nice meal; give him a massage, or do something you know makes him smile. Sometimes the littlest treasures can go a long way and let him know that you’re there for him whenever he needs you.

Communicate When He’s Ready: The last thing you can do when he is emotionally distant is offer your shoulder to cry on, ears to listen, or your opinion if necessary. Of course remember to give him some time before asking if he wants to talk about it as you don’t want to start another argument. If he is open to talking, do not judge him and simply be there for him as a lover and friend. Should he not want to talk about it you must still show support and not take offense.

When a man is emotionally distant it can be hard to read and cope with. However, you simply have to remember that they are not emotional creatures and thus dealing with emotion requires thought and time to themselves. These tips will help you get through the rough patch until he’s back to himself.

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